Health & Safety Services

Are you worried about whether your business complies with existing Health and Safety laws? Or maybe you just need a helping hand to make a start?

RBS Health and Safety can assist with the establishment and on-going maintenance of a health and safety management system, one which provides a robust, yet simple framework for your business, whilst ensuring what you do complies with current legislation. 

The RBS health and safety team will work with you to develop a system that suits you and your business. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015, all businesses have a duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace for workers, and any other people who may be impacted by their work. To meet this obligation, businesses need a health and safety system in place which provides clarity around legislative requirements and sets expectations for workers on site. The RBS team understands the residential construction industry, and recognise that each business has its own unique requirements.

RBS will provide templates and specialist information to ensure you comply with current health and safety legislation - and stay up-to-date with any changes as they occur. We are also aware that running a successful health and safety system starts with the engagement of your staff and contractors, so RBS takes a consultative approach to ensure the best opportunity for an on-going proactive commitment on your work sites. Using bespoke health and safety software, including a mobile app for workers on-site, gives onsite management the visibility and communication tools needed to ensure health and safety runs smoothly on-site. Simple is best.

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Why use RBS Health and Safety?

  • A one-stop health and safety service that provides what you need to carry out work safely
  • Peace of mind that your health and safety legislative requirements are being met
  • A health and safety system that is designed and customised to your business
  • On-going support from a team with health and safety expertise, as well as construction industry experience
  • A purpose-built mobile software health and safety app that will make on-site health and safety more visible, engaging and easy to manage

What sort of things would be included in a Health and Safety Management System?

Health and Safety Management Plan
Site Connect Software
Ongoing Mentoring/Training

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