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Our collaborative approach

Every successful residential build starts with collaboration, and we bring this very same ethos to our collaborative approach to professional support. Our team are building industry specialists who have supported construction teams with their professional services needs for many years.

They draw on their collective knowledge pool to create customised, industry-specific solutions. With our holistic approach, you can build a business focused on your strengths. We’ll take care of the rest.


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Meet our leading team

Shane Wright
Shane Wright

Draughting Manager

Shane is a qualified Architectural Technician and a Design 2 Licensed Building Practitioner with 15 years of experience. He has a passion for quality architecture, while not losing sight of real-world costs and functionality.

‘I really enjoy the challenge of pushing the design envelope while remaining within the set boundaries of structure, compliance and budget.’

With a strong drive for quality design and achieving clients’ dreams shared by the team around him, consistency, accuracy and inspiring results are achieved.

Sheryl Dimmock
Sheryl Dimmock

Commercial Accounting Manager 

Sheryl is a qualified Commercial Accountant with extensive experience working in the construction industry.

She is passionate about improving business performance through people, processes and systems.

Her skills in communicating complex accounting information ensure clients always receive valuable and informative data about their business.

Carl Delaney
Carl Delaney

IT Administrator

Carl is a qualified IT Systems Administrator with an experienced background in Customer Service.

He prides himself on his ability to provide outstanding service and manage the key infrastructure to allow end-users to focus on what they need to focus on.

“My ability to analyse and simplify IT Systems allows you to do the job you are paid to do, better”

Susan Thompson
Susan Thompson

Human Resources Manager

Susan is a qualified HR practitioner with over 15 years of experience in corporate and generalist HR roles, working predominantly in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Her experience encompasses HR and Recruitment management roles to creating & implementing policy, system and procedure frameworks and supporting businesses through change.

She enjoys working with businesses to help them develop and structure their HR systems and practises to be successful.

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